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We create the most realistic Gas Level Monitoring

Gas Cylinder Level Remote Monitoring is a set of hardware and software solutions for the measurement of LPG Cyli liquid level and the wireless transmission of liquid level information.

    1.  Non-invasive measurement. Do not open the tank. It truly realizes external Non-contact level measurement.

    1.  It can be connected with the mobile phone through Bluetooth to check the remaining liquid level in the gas cylinder with APP or LED light.

    1.  Automatic alarm for liquid level. When the gas in the propane bottle is nearly used up, the gas cylinder level sensor will automatically alarm.

    1. Quickly and precisely measures the gas level in kilograms and percentage.

    2.  Easy installation. The sensor is attached to the bottom of the gas cylinder by magnets.
    3. Maintenance-free.

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Power Your Creativity With Artificial Intelligence

Ultra-low power consumption

Two AAA batteries, safe to use.

External installation

It will not affect the normal use of the gas cylinder.

Measurement precision

Quickly and precisely measures the gas level in kilograms and percent.

Easy to install and disassemble

It uses magnets to attach sensor to the bottom of the gas cylinder.

Advanced Programing
Robotic Automation
AI chipset
Cloud AI intergration
Personal Assistants
Deep Learning
Computer Vision
Operational Analytics

Building everything you need for your business

Complete Cylinder Level Measurement and Remote Monitoring Package includes Remote Terminal Unit for Gas Cylinder and Gas Cylinder Level Sensor. Turnkey solution with web-based data access. Access cylinder level data anytime, anywhere with an internet connection. Browse through thousands of cylinders and their levels

Non-invasive Ultrasonic Level Gauge is also known as Non-contact Level Gauge or Non-Intrusive Ultrasonic Level Gauge. Because it is installed externally at the bottom of the tank, it really achieves a non-contact measurement.

Easy installation and maintenance-free

Good versatility.

Non-invasive level measurement. The ultrasonic sensor is installed at the bottom of the tank wall. It is not affected by the medium. No hole is needed.

There are no mechanically movable parts. Avoid mechanical failure, no wear, and tear, long service life, lightweight, maintenance-free.

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